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We have released a new app for Pathfinder 2:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … j_FQ20tRaU


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Thanks for the great feedback!
We will definitely take these into account for a future version.


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In the base app there is only the SRD content (a subset of the main rulebooks).


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You would need to use a dropbox folder or something similar for that or just keep them in the content editor.
When you put info in the app it is only in your app, you are not affecting other people by it.
Sharing the content you can do by uploading it to the forums (or sending the file to anyone).


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The plan is to add missing and other classes, but you can also add them yourself using the content creator tool.


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error wrote:

Adding an inside button on the app to add content, there is no way to add .pf files is there another function i need.

Yes there is the download content with from the website button or create content but no were to explain to add the content.

Need instructions since when i choose to oepn files when i download uncapable of opening or adding them to the add.

Do you mean uploading them to the forum?
Or opening in the app?
For opening files in the app you can try opening them from your email app or a file browser app like Astro, sometimes the phone does not recognize the extension when you open the file from a download.


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Unfortunately not really.

You could install an android emulator on your laptop and then install the app, but this is not very handy.


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For a refund I need the google playstore receipt, you can send the receipt to the email:
info@vansteinengroentjes.nl and once I receive it, I will process it immediately for you.

PS: sorry for the late reply..


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In case you want to delete duplicate content or some homebrew items you import later on.


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Strange, I will have a look into this but they are just normal form inputs.
Did you try a different browser app?


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Dear Dunain,

I think the easiest way is to add the content using the content creator tools: https://complete-reference.com/pfcreator/
Then download the file and post it on the forum such that anybody can use the content.

I can also have a look at the content to see if I can automatically parse it, but my German is not soo great so I might make stupid mistakes..


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Good idea, I can add it to the feats section yes, I think that would be appropriate.


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Dear players and DM's,

For all those who play Pathfinder, a new app is released including all information from the OGL!

You can now apply for the beta for this app here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/co … .apps.ddpf


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If you have any ideas how to improve the Pathfinder app please let me know in this forum.
I plan the following features in the near future: 

- Add online content creation tools for Pathfinder
- Character sheets inside the app
- Import character sheets from common tools
- Export character sheets to common tools
- Include more rule information and quick reference sheets in DM section