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Topic: Initiative tracker improvements

your initiative tracker is very rudimentary. Here are some suggestions based on others I have used. also it would not let me post this without adding a file.... so here is a pic of my cat

1. adding armour class speeds up turns since you don't have to cross reference as much
2. health should have current and total values
3. option to decrease or increase current health.
4. option for current health to be negative. bonus if character/monster has a noticeable state change for unconscious or dead (other apps highlighted The creature with red for example)
5. you have beastiaries in the app having the initiative tracker load monsters from it would be a huge benefit. bonus points if you  can click on the monster name and link back to its beastiary page.
6. option to mass roll for all characters/monsters in the tracker currently. Doing it one by one is extremely cumbersome
7. alternate initiative modes ie all monsters take the highest monster roll or highest player then highest monster then second highest player, then second highest monster etc.
8. exp for defeated monsters. bonus if divided by number of PCs
9. log file for completed encounters ie players participated, monsters, exp from fight
10. ability to save a bunch of characters to a party  so you can quickly add them to a fight without reentering all the information.

edit: almost forgot round counter and ability to add status effects counter


Re: Initiative tracker improvements

Thanks for the great feedback!
We will definitely take these into account for a future version.