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Topic: Potential Refund?

I very recently downloaded the D20 Complete Reference for 3.5 and in order to ensure everyone in my group can use the app, paid for everyone to unlock the character manager as well as paid for myself and one other to unlock the DM tools. I did this while unaware that this version of the app supported NO Pathfinder content, which is our primary ruleset for playing. I will gladly pay for the unlock on all of these devices under the Pathfinder version beta, but in order to do so, I also require a refund for all of the purchases of the 3.5 version of the app which has no real use for us. Anything you guys can do to help?

Edit: These payments were all made from the same credit card, if that helps matters any.


Re: Potential Refund?

For a refund I need the google playstore receipt, you can send the receipt to the email:
info@vansteinengroentjes.nl and once I receive it, I will process it immediately for you.

PS: sorry for the late reply..