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No I did not, been busy lately and all I noticed off the bat was the deities, three steps ahead, I like the way you think. Well, if anyone has the line app, you can add me SilvertheMoogle is my user I'd, I have a chatroom called moogle of DND that we could chat more openly on and more frequently


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Noticed the new update, very good, a little to Much religion for my liking, but I am impressed with it nonetheless, kudos my friend, kudos. Mayhaps I will work on an add-on myself, if I can get the time, between work, campaigns, and the dog, it can be difficult to find time for much else. I would like to also see an expansion on the DM tools, maybe a dungeon randomizer or an encounter generator would be a welcome add on.


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Shard says hi
Me, I am silverthemoogle, or just silver. Thank you for responding To my post so quickly, I love seeing an app developer that cares about his program. Though I am not a programmer, I do have ideas often, I would like to send you some suggestions that would might make the app multiplicable, (though as a compendium, it is really great) if you would permit me to.


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Hello, I am silver moogle, this is a really comprehensive guide and I love the portability of a pocket guide to everything DND 3.5
But was flicking through classes and. Noticed Erudite was unfinished, all it shows is 0 hit dice and a reference page. I know that erudite is an online added on to the advanced psionics handbook and isn't a necessity for this reference guide to be considered " complete" but that means you might have missed other classes as well. When playing 3.5 I play a warforged erudite named shard (for the psionic shard sticking out the back of his head) who was built for the sole purpose of collecting and cataloging psionic powers.


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Very in depth, I was just about to complain when I downloaded all races from main topic because warforged wasn't there, then I see races of ebberon and boom, here he is, waiting for me with warforged ready. Thank you.