1 Gnolls from mm4

by numitorr

4 Feats for my Reference

by Regulis

6 A few Spells I added.

by Regulis

7 Templates and Classes

by Regulis

8 Artifact: Sword of Kas

by Regulis

9 Screen rotation character manager

by Lexvandervelden

11 Scientist background

by duckymon1

12 Stooge-fu

by duckymon1

13 5e Monk class

by thocapps

14 Blood hunter class feats

by spykz1190

15 The Sword of Glory

by Demi-god Glory

16 Glory the Demi-god Teifling

by Demi-god Glory

18 Planar Variants

by thenauti

19 summon bonded creature

by Lizzards97

20 Help

by Leoincendia

23 Guilds of Ravnica

by GhostHand

25 Druid circle of spores

by russellwindholz

27 Ring of Divine Fortune

by CawCawKenku

28 Create Character Shortcuts

by Bas van Stein

29 Instrument of the Bards

by lmkalashkov