3 Locothah

by tsl3161991

4 Homebrew class request

by forstmonkey

5 Cape of nimbleness

by cesplin

7 Class creation

by bigggdude

9 Spell Grimoire

by thomas.serginson

10 3.5 templates

by Squidman4242

12 Gunslinger Weapons

by Brother Garret

13 Kenku?

by Donnivan

17 Gambler Base

by jad3ad

18 Wildemount

by ChadDolan2170

19 Path of the wild soul

by Mallo

21 Dhampir

by AlderEldrich

22 New Fire Based Feat

by Lapizlizard4

24 The Complete Champion

by keithlumley76

25 UA - Psychic Warrior archetype

by Centurionremus

26 My Feats

by theintersectx

27 From dandwiki

by Worldsinger

28 Druid Circle of Stars

by damianhobbs52

29 Kobold

by hingra0

30 Using App on Chromebook

by random|:|sniper