1 Italian DnD 5e

by jappyjoker

2 Beholder-born Race

by josh_lane_88

3 lost laboratory of kwalish

by ithemostawesome

5 Gunslinger, Variant (5e HB Class)

by notmycontent42

10 Sub-classes

by Alifer

11 Item Not Found

by adwaveth

12 Class Collection 2

by Alifer

13 Class Collection

by Alifer

14 Race Collection

by Alifer

16 Sorcerer elemental summoner

by bransrants

17 Blood Hunter

by bransrants

18 Aasamir

by bransrants

19 Feats not downloading

by insaneskiier

20 Magical Deer

by kilepierce2000

21 new DM

by BuX McNaStY

23 How to do battle?

by gylee

24 Dragoon Class

by Mr. Hush

26 All Plane Shift Races

by Revan7even

27 Ranger and Ranger (Revised)

by Guy Manning

28 Grung Race

by Revan7even