1 Spell Grimoire

by thomas.serginson

2 3.5 templates

by Squidman4242

4 Gunslinger Weapons

by Brother Garret

5 Kenku?

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9 Gambler Base

by jad3ad

10 Wildemount

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11 Path of the wild soul

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13 Dhampir

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14 New Fire Based Feat

by Lapizlizard4

16 Monster Hunter (Rework)

by EpicPrince15

17 The Complete Champion

by keithlumley76

18 UA - Psychic Warrior archetype

by Centurionremus

19 My Feats

by theintersectx

20 From dandwiki

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21 Druid Circle of Stars

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22 Kobold

by hingra0

23 Using App on Chromebook

by random|:|sniper

24 How to add skills?

by tigerskyy

26 Sun Elf

by asioumis

27 Improved Metamagic

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28 Feedback on balancing an item

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29 Heaven Invasion monsters part1

by adam.muzik.159

30 Tome of Battle request

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