5 Character Manager Issues

by KMiskell

6 Encounters

by sbarrett015

7 Hexblade Warlock

by Swordwords

8 Phase Spider

by darkstar.dakaar

9 Missing Volo Races..

by snorgrifflax

11 Pestilence domain

by max.beaumont13

12 D&D 5e Kitsune Race

by J_Abner51

14 D&D 5e Minotaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51

15 Hero level deity

by nukejaws

16 Tomb of annihilation

by donnathorpe7

17 Rathma

by dracostarnes1314

18 Primal Savagery

by Demolitiondrill

19 Character Editor fix

by person1860

21 Pack mate

by dracostarnes1314

22 Monster manual

by JoeTaylor364

23 Goliath Hexblade

by HJtheSurvivor

24 Change username

by ultimachaos13

25 Chronobreaker

by hingra0

26 PHB Spells

by LuggyLuke

29 Fighter Archetypes

by King Tulfdyr

30 Feats the way I know them

by King Tulfdyr