1 Feedback on balancing an item

by DroneTheDruid970

2 Heaven Invasion monsters part1

by adam.muzik.159

3 Tome of Battle request

by Descendo

6 Vandar's Rogue Light

by Vandar

7 Hi

by ilyannajoy

8 Custom spells

by ward.demeyer

9 Wrong spells

by ward.demeyer

10 Custom spells

by ward.demeyer

11 Children of night(race)

by cherokeerainwater666

14 Hi everybody

by Amabel01

15 Classes

by skylar20miller02

16 Lycanthrope templates

by halsalisbury

17 Genasi

by Vampyreguardian

19 Beginner big time

by Hankthatank

20 Class from scratch

by Hum@n

21 Custom stuff

by Hum@n

23 Gnolls from mm4

by numitorr

26 Feats for my Reference

by Regulis

27 Items form my Reference

by Regulis

28 A few Spells I added.

by Regulis

29 Templates and Classes

by Regulis

30 Artifact: Sword of Kas

by Regulis