1 Lycanthrope templates

by halsalisbury

2 Genasi

by Vampyreguardian

4 Beginner big time

by Hankthatank

5 Class from scratch

by Hum@n

6 Custom stuff

by Hum@n

8 Gnolls from mm4

by numitorr

11 Feats for my Reference

by Regulis

12 Items form my Reference

by Regulis

13 A few Spells I added.

by Regulis

14 Templates and Classes

by Regulis

15 Artifact: Sword of Kas

by Regulis

16 Screen rotation character manager

by Lexvandervelden

18 Scientist background

by duckymon1

19 Stooge-fu

by duckymon1

20 5e Monk class

by thocapps

21 Blood hunter class feats

by spykz1190

22 The Sword of Glory

by Demi-god Glory

23 Glory the Demi-god Teifling

by Demi-god Glory

25 Planar Variants

by thenauti

26 summon bonded creature

by Lizzards97

27 Help

by Leoincendia

30 Guilds of Ravnica

by GhostHand