2 Create Character Shortcuts

by Bas van Stein

3 Instrument of the Bards

by lmkalashkov

6 Myconid

by salamisamich

7 Minatour

by Nukmannate

8 Loxodon

by jeffbrust01

10 Campaign variations

by DMreaperWill

11 Ghostwise Halfling

by Brother Garret

12 Blood Hunter class

by baynn86

13 DM Tools Guide

by addicteduser

14 Homebrew Book of Vile Darkness

by aderbyguitarist

15 Races

by Ouroboros

16 Marshall

by Ouroboros

17 Marshall

by Ouroboros

18 Some Update Ideas/Feature Requests

by random|:|sniper

19 Tortle

by Voden

20 Beholder-born Race

by josh_lane_88

21 lost laboratory of kwalish

by ithemostawesome

23 Gunslinger, Variant (5e HB Class)

by notmycontent42

24 Sub-classes

by Alifer

25 Item Not Found

by adwaveth

26 Class Collection 2

by Alifer

27 Class Collection

by Alifer

28 Race Collection

by Alifer

30 Sorcerer elemental summoner

by bransrants