1 Minatour

by Nukmannate

2 Loxodon

by jeffbrust01

4 Campaign variations

by DMreaperWill

6 Ghostwise Halfling

by Brother Garret

7 Blood Hunter class

by baynn86

9 DM Tools Guide

by addicteduser

10 Homebrew Book of Vile Darkness

by aderbyguitarist

11 Races

by Ouroboros

12 Marshall

by Ouroboros

13 Marshall

by Ouroboros

14 Some Update Ideas/Feature Requests

by random|:|sniper

15 Tortle

by Voden

16 Beholder-born Race

by josh_lane_88

17 lost laboratory of kwalish

by ithemostawesome

19 Gunslinger, Variant (5e HB Class)

by notmycontent42

23 Sub-classes

by Alifer

24 Item Not Found

by adwaveth

25 Class Collection 2

by Alifer

26 Class Collection

by Alifer

27 Race Collection

by Alifer

29 Sorcerer elemental summoner

by bransrants

30 Blood Hunter

by bransrants