1 Templates and Classes

by Regulis

3 Time lord

by adamkiss67

5 pirate class

by hingra0

6 Sorcerer elemental summoner

by bransrants

7 Blood Hunter

by bransrants

8 Sorcerer origin: force magic

by normanhunt1313

9 Chronobreaker

by hingra0

10 Fighter Archetypes

by King Tulfdyr

11 Beast master

by rizzo1267

12 Arcane Wielder

by ikhomega

13 Defender From Midnight

by TheDnDDad

14 Monk Archetype

by AfroWalrus

15 Revised Druid

by The Tiger

16 Home brew

by ashandthomaswilliams

17 Occult Slayer

by lonegunman13013