Topic: Arcane Wielder

Arcane Wielder
Type: base

Alignment: Any
Class Skills:

Arcane Wielding, Arcane Flood

Proficiencies: Proficient on intellect and dexterity (and on oxford commas.)

Adv./Dis. : This class can have 1 advantage on anything other than attack rolls or Arcana. Disadvantage on specifically Arcana.

Reference: This class can use spells without mana, however, it can only use 3rd-level spells and casting a spell twice in the same turn sapps their strength to the point of exhaustion if they continue to cast the same spell. This class can only wear light armor and cannot wield any weapons which they did not cast, however this class can use darts or a blowgun. Arcane Wielding allows the user to summon any weapon they choose (knife, dagger, shortsword, broadsword, longsword, greatsword) if the user wishes to summon in a more powerful weapon, they must have first seen and touched the weapon. Arcane Wielding also allows the user to summon in shields (including greatshields). Arcane Flood is a special skill which will allow the user to summon in up to 100 random common swords (includes shortswords, longswords, broadswords, and the occasional greatsword, swords summoned with this skill do not have any special abilities other than flight.) After the user finishes an Arcane Flood, the user will automatically take 9 psychic damage and collapse from exhaustion. This cannot be avoided.

Leveling: This class rolls 1d4 to increase HP each level and starts off with 7 HP. At lv. 1, the user can summon in a knife and a dagger (roll a d20 to see which one you get.)At lv. 2, the user can use basic spells. At Lv. 3, the user can use a physical arm shield (A tiny shield that fits on your arm like a glove). At lv. 4, the user can summon in a broadsword. At lv. 5, the user can summon in dual items (summoned item1 + summoned item2). At lv. 5, the user can summon in bigger shields and some better spells. At lv. 6, the user can cast simple protection spells. At lv. 7, user can summon longswords and basic support spells (heals 2d4 at the most.) At lv. 8, the user can summon in any common tool(Example: Shovel, pickaxe, hatchet, etc,) and can also summon in musical instruments. At lv. 9, the user can summon in greatswords and greatshields. At lv. 11, the user can use light armor and a blowgun with darts. At lv. 12, the user gains access to a 'save' slot which can hold one legendary/op weapon at a time. At lv. 14, the user can cast stat. boosting spells to increase STR, DEX, INT, WIS, and CHA, this does not affect Arcana. At lv. 17, the user gains an extra 'save' slot for holding an extra legendary/op weapon. At lv. 20, the user can use intermediate spells. At lv. 25, the user can use Arcane Flood (Read above for details.) At lv. 27, the user can use intermediate support spells(2d12 at the most.) At lv. 30, the user can summon in multiple swords without using Arcane Flood, providing equipment for their allies and for themselves. The weight for swords summoned in for allies is 1 lb, normal weight for others.