1 Italian DnD 5e

by jappyjoker

2 Custom Homebrew

by The Velvet Witch

4 Gunslinger, Variant (5e HB Class)

by notmycontent42

5 Kitsune Race

by vixwd

7 Feats not downloading

by insaneskiier

9 Dragoon Class

by Mr. Hush

11 All Plane Shift Races

by Revan7even

12 Grung Race

by Revan7even

14 Updated Eberron Races

by Revan7even

17 D&D 5e Centaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51

19 Complete_db updated races

by Revan7even

20 My custom classes and races

by The Velvet Witch

21 Feathergale Knight

by conor.m.walsh

22 Homebrew Majin Race

by sesnyder87

23 Phase Spider

by darkstar.dakaar

25 Pestilence domain

by max.beaumont13

26 Bloodhunter Class

by MParasite

27 Dragonshaman

by dracostarnes1314

29 D&D 5e Kitsune Race

by J_Abner51

30 D&D 5e Minotaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51