1 My custom classes and races

by The Velvet Witch

2 Feathergale Knight

by conor.m.walsh

3 Homebrew Majin Race

by sesnyder87

4 Phase Spider

by darkstar.dakaar

6 Pestilence domain

by max.beaumont13

7 Bloodhunter Class

by MParasite

8 Dragonshaman

by dracostarnes1314

10 D&D 5e Centaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51

11 D&D 5e Kitsune Race

by J_Abner51

12 D&D 5e Minotaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51

13 Hero level deity

by nukejaws

14 Rathma

by dracostarnes1314

15 Primal Savagery

by Demolitiondrill

17 Dawn Stroke Poison

by DrowMaster191

18 watery sphere

by twasheck

20 Shadow Weaver (Roguish Archetype)

by Incognito1911

21 Personality Traits

by dragonfairy1

22 Darfellan class

by glittervigilante

23 My added monsters 5ed

by medevul

24 Sword of Mass Destruction

by PedroKT2000

25 Saiyan race homebrew

by Vaulthunter1994

26 Yuan-ti Pureblood

by Sen

28 Race: Half Fairy 5e

by jrgarcia2468

30 Critical Role Content?

by Polyethanase