2 Sticky: Report incorrect info 5th Edition

by Bas van Stein

3 Sticky: Feedback is always welcome

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4 Sticky: ROADMAP app for 3.5

by Bas van Stein

5 Bug: Importing Error

by Lolarent000

7 Levelling up

by thestigofwar

10 Initiative Tracker Monster Bug

by kg.kdg.kage

13 Some Update Ideas/Feature Requests

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14 dnd 5e app character manager


15 Bug: Cannot Import to 5e

by ClkwrkDragonfly

16 Sub-classes

by Alifer

17 Item Not Found

by adwaveth

19 Bluestacks immulator

by eldrick12

20 Bug in Inventory Weight menu

by polyglitch

21 D20 complete reference for 3.5

by danielfperrone

22 App doesn't work

by chmhaley

23 Ranger and Ranger (Revised)

by Guy Manning

24 Spells 2

by h1g4ny

28 Charachter sheet

by Sam

30 Multiclass characters

by howiejones