Topic: "Note" Entry

Hello! So far I am having a blast with the app and have been using it and the content creator on iOS. Great work on both of those!

One feature I think would be really helpful (and personally would love to have) would be to implement a "Note" type, both in the Content Creator and the DM tools' "Custom Entries" section. So far the bookmarking system is really helpful to prepare for your upcoming session, but it is limited to what the books offer (magic/items/races/classes/feats etc.), but there is no way to bookmark custom notes that are 1-2 pages long.

Yes, there is the "Notes" Section in the DM tools, however I am speaking of expanded notes and entries that a DM might need, from custom cheatsheets to specific information needed for a session like an organization's entire structure.

Currently I am using "Items" for my note section as it appears at the top of the bookmark list, but it would be nice to see a dedicated section just for note taking. This could be a function locked behind the DM tools and/or Character Manager, but it would be helpful for both players (to make journals or custom notes) and DM's alike to better organize for a session.

Cheers and keep up the good work!


Re: "Note" Entry

Thank you for the comment and suggestion!
On Android we have a campaign feature that let's you add notes in a structured way. We plan to port this functionality also to IOS eventually but I have to be honest in that it will take some time.

Have fun playing!