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Yeah the easiest way currently organization wise would be to have a separate category for each section of work you contribute with a list on each post of what's in each of those. I'm myself am still organizing D&D magazines.


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Great addition!


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Hey folks I know a few of you were waiting on me to add the previously mentioned D&D magazine feats. Over the next few months (I hope to finish by Christmas time), I'll begin to hammer it out and share what I've got for you fine folks.

Updates: 1/05/2016

Still working to organize all the info for the feats.


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Gashren wrote:

I don't have access to few books - like Complete Psionic, Expanded Psionics Handbook, Drows of the Underdark,, Draconomicon,  Secrets of Sarlona, Fiend Folios, Monster Manuals IV and V, Secrets of Xen'drik, Dragon Magic, Tome of Magic, Magic of Incarnum, Serpent Kingdoms, Dragons of Faerun, Weapons of Legacy and Dragon compendium. If you have, you could try to fill feats from those.

And if you want you can start doing feats from the end of alphabet (tho I alredy did Y and Z - just not included them in descriptions, there were only 3 feats to do), starting with X and going backwards. I currently have started feats on lettre P and Q.

I'll get started on all of the books you don't have. An then I'll begin work on the magazines

neisany wrote:

Is there a way to update the class drop down list.  I am playing a dread necro which has a small spell list and was looking for a way to sort threw the list

Great suggestion, I'd love to see this feature.

Also Bad is there a list of what hasn't been added yet? I own every Dragon and Dungeon magazine as well as all the books and a copy of all the Web enhancements they made so I would love to help catalog it all.


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Love the work you're doing Gashren! Let me know what you don't have and I can help, I currently possess every book including every D&D Dragon Magazine printed smile