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There should be a warning about this in the first post.

I dunno how widespread this is among all of those files because I only looked at wizard spells cantrip through 3rd level (stopped there because of this) but the SRD5 descriptions are not the official ones, they are abridged to a problematic degree.

For example 'Find Familiar' only says "You summon a familiar that is bonded to you in the form of a tiny animal. A familiar can deliver touch spells for you if desired."

The official text is very long and I don't mean long like unnecessarily wordy, I mean there are a lot of specifics. It lists the animals you're allowed to make (there are around ten of them), it talks about the rules for communicating with it telepathically, the conditions where you can perceive through its senses, what happens when it dies, what happens when you re-cast it, the fact that it can't attack, the fact that you can dismiss it to a pocket dimension, etc.

I know some people find reading tedious so I get the appeal of abridging things but when it has to do with rules that functionally affect a game, that version doesn't cut it.

I'm not complaining about something I got for free. It's up to them how they do it but I'm just trying to help other people see the problem before it happens and not waste the time that I did smile