anciantwizard wrote:

Weird that no one's been posting UA content lately.
Oh well, here's all of the new UA archetypes since 3-20.

- War Mage Wizard
- all 3 of the "Trio of Subclasses" (drunken monk, redemption paly, monster slayer ranger)
- Revised Subclasses (anc. guard. barb, swords bard, arcane archer fighter, kensei monk, & favored soul sorc), all with 2.0 at the end of their titles, or 3.0 in the sorc's case.
- minor fixes to my previous entries

Hey man, thanks for doing this. However, it is telling me that no app I have can open it when I download yours. I noticed that the other downloads for 5e have the extension of "dd35", whereas this one is only "dd5". Could this be an issue? I have never used the 3.5e version of the app, and have had the 5e version working great for several months now.

Thanks again for putting this together.