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I think you mean remove, not export? I think you're asking for a way to clear downloaded content, which I would love to have as well.

The app is great and I've been using it a lot, but I've got a problem:

After downloading Pixel's classes, I now have a duplicate of every class and every template with just a minor formatting change in the name so they're not overwritten. The same problem appears with Pixel's races. All I wanted was the Warlock, Undying Light UA and now I've got lots of duplicate entries that are irritating to scroll past. Fixing it means going into over 70 entries one by one to delete them by hand. Dev, we'd love to get a delete multiple option, or better yet, can everyone just fix your formatting? Class, Archetype works very well. Most if not all the Class: Archetype entries also include the entire Base Class Features at the bottom which I find to be unwieldy and redundant.

For example, I have:
Barbarian Berserker
Barbarian: Path of the Berserker
Bard, College of Lore
Bard: College of Lore
Cleric, Arcana
Cleric: Arcana Domain
Warlock - The Archfey
Warlock, Archfey
Warlock: Archfey

Lastly, there are several class archetypes that are listed as base classes. Great work and thanks, but let's get these right!