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Thanks for the reply and glad you liked it! I will take into account what you've said, run it by my players and revise some things. I really dig the bestiary changes you recommended. I will hopefully be adding another version here in the upcoming weeks with the revisions and hopefully a new subclass.


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Here is a, hopefully more balanced version and completely reworked version of the Monster Hunter class I made ages ago. This time, it is more martial based with sublasses based into tapping into a natural magic source, one with making traps and one for casting spells similar to a wizard. I suspect the subclasses are overpowered if not the base class too. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is only my second attempt at making a class.

This is mostly just for my own use as I'm not sure how to just open the file in my app. This is a class that's likely unbalanced and will have some changes as we playtest it and the subclasses are to come.