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Yes I will
I am very busy at the moment with a lot of other stuff though sad
But I am planning to finish this book!


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Dear CHUZ, which is the file name you are trying to open and from which application?
(3.5 app or 5e app?)


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Download here the latest content from official sources for the DnD 5e app!
While the files have a .dd35 extension, they are all for the DnD 5 app, the extension is legacy from the previous app and will be updated in the future.

If you have created some content yourself please reply to this topic to add them, or start a new thread.

Newest content: all official content (without UA) in one file!
(With thanks to Esotericreference!)

Download it here:
All-PhB.dd5 or Open in app.

Available for download:

(see links below)

  • archetypes.dd35, all missing classes and archetypes including domains and schools from the Players handbook.

  • elemental-evil-player-companion.dd35, all (sub) races and spells from the Elemental Evil Players Companion guide.

  • feats.dd35, all feats from the Players handbook.

  • races.dd35, all missing (sub) races from the Players handbook.

  • SCAG-races.dd35, all races from the Sword Coast Adventurer Guide.

  • SCAG-classes.dd35, all classes and archetypes (except the ones already in archetypes.dd35) from the Sword Coast Adventurer Guide.

  • SCAG-spells.dd35, all cantrips from the Sword Coast Adventurer Guide.

  • fighter-feats.dd35, Second Wind and Action Surge.

  • volos-races.dd35, Thanks to 13sflowers: 11 races from Volo's guide to monsters.

Content provided by titanium09 from Volos Guide to monsters and UA

  • UA Feats.dd35, Feats from Unearthed Arcana

  • UA Classes and Archetypes.dd35, Classes and archetypes.

  • UA Races.dd35, Races.

  • UA Runes.dd35, Runes.

  • UA Spells.dd35, Spells.

  • VolosMonsters.dd35, Monsters from Volos complete guide to monsters.

  • tabaxi.dd35, Tabaxi race from Volos complete guide to monsters.

Content provided by Pixelcide from the PHB, DMG, SCAG, EE & UA

  • pixel-races.dd35, Races from all sources, thanks to Pixelcide!

  • pixel-classes.dd35, Classes from all sources

Content provided by Magix from the Plane Shift Zendicar

  • plane_shift_zendikar_races.dd35, Races, thank you Magix!

Content provided by jjlozanoj:

  • MonsterManual_NPCS.dd35, all NPCS from the Monster Manual

Content provided by nerdgiraffe:

  • Missing Monsters PHB.dd35, monsters from the players handbook

Content provided by Ancient Wizard:

  • AncientFeats.dd5, Feats from Unearthed Arcana

  • AncientWizard-Class-4.dd5, Classes from Unearthed Arcana

Content provided by DutchPainter:

  • Missing backgrounds.dd35, Some missing backgrounds from the PhB

  • Racial_Class_Background_Thraits.dd35, racial, class and background specific feats.


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Hi all,
I am planning to add most of the items from the magic Item compendium.
For now I did all the cloaks:

Cloak of the Salamander
Cloak of the Salamander, Greater
Cloak of Soulbound Resistance
Cloak of Soulbound Resistance, Greater
Cloak of Stone
Cloak of Thorns
Cloak of Turn Resistance
Cloak of Weaponry
Cloak of Quills
Cloak of Predatory Vigor
Cloak of Elemental Protection
Cloak of Battle

Hi guys!

Happy new year!! big_smile
I finished the Feat list. Enjoy! You can download more than 3500 feats.
There are many doubles due to double versions in the different books. With the newest DnD app version you can see the book where the feat originally comes from and delete the doubles yourself if you like.

Yes its unfortunate but below android 3 the phones do not support the import method.

Aah yes i see. Thank you for telling me. I will fix those next week.


Today I added the races file, 42 races are included. If you miss anything let me know!

Hi I was a bit busy this weeks so couldnt make the files. I will try to make either the race or the feat list today. I will keep you updated.

Currently working on the feat lists. I guess next file will be ready somewhere next week smile

I added 4 files, each with 500 monsters. They are all converted D&D 2 monsters, there might be some overlap in the originally existing monsters from the app but most are new.

Yes. Next I plan to do a list of converted d&d 2 monsters and than a list of races and last a list of feats.

But it takes some time to create the lists. So please be patient ☺

For slow and old phones that have problems with the big data file here the file splitted in 10 parts.

I will post several data files from the official books, more than 50 books included.

NEW FILE: Cleaned Feats and many missing feats thanks to Gashren!

Currently for download here:

  • All spells, More than 4900 spells!

  • All classes, including variants, so class names can appear multiple times

  • A list of converted D&D 2 monsters, 500 monsters per file.

  • A list of races, 42 races in total, if you miss some let me know maybe I can add them by hand.

  • A list of feats, 3500+, I removed many of the double entries and empty entries. Download both the cleaned feats and the feats by Gashren (credits to him)

Open the files on your phone with the latest version of D&D Complete Reference
(> 2.1.5)

Importing all the content can take a few minutes.
The content from the big files will not show up in your custom content list to make this list still searchable.

If you used the big spell file, do not open the small files below. Those are only in case you have problems with the big file.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app!