Population:100% human 
General Alignment:neutral 

The city of rust is an important area for the adventurers. Not only is it the capital of the country of Schonia which is the couch try best known for its guilds, some of the most powerful wealthy and influential in the world many have their headquarters in rust. Its craftsmen are among the best in the world and its masters live in the city of iron. 
Medicine is also fairly advanced in schonia as well with a cure for many common ailments such as tetanus and pneumonia .

Frequent work has to be done in the city to ensure that life can go on. there are scrappers who tear apart abandoned buildings for materials, filers who run through the city with massive files that are used to keep city from cutting the soles of the feet. 
the famous inventor lorenzo also resides in rust and from his workshop marvelous inventions pour forth, from steam powered vehicles, giant moving cranes, huge steam driven hammers to the steam automatons that are a wonder and mystery and serve the elite and wealthy with unswerving vigilance. 

in direct conjunction with lorenzo and his steam marvels is the inventor Franz who has created equally amazing machines out of intricate clockwork machines that run from powerful springs. 

there is also the mysterious phantom thief who has eluded the guards and police for months while pillaging the noble estates. he always leaves (she tiefling) a small lizard statuette of wood as a calling card and leaves always one body in the house. guard noble peasant cat it is never the same but always present. 

rust also is a huge exporter or weaponry and iron.

the daughter of the previous mayor was a hidden magic user who when at 17 was discovered and dragged from her father's arms by the inquisition of erioria turned herself and everything in a 100 meters from the walls of the city to solid iron. 

her statue stands in the hall as a symbol of rusts resilience and folly. 

When the part arrives in rust they will be informed by the captain that it will take at least a month to repair the ship and continue their voyage, unfortunately the entire fund set aside to help the party  get to the city must be used to repair the ship. 
The party can choose to either wait for the ship to be repaired, or charter their own. If they choose the later the captain says he will follow when he can.

Using the streetwise check party can find out information about rust. The phantom thief info requiring a high roll or direct investigation. 

The thief has a bounty of over 1000 gp more than enough to buy a luxury trip across the pond . 
However the thief is revealed to be a trifling warlock who is maki g sacrifices to fuel her power to teleport. With a large enough sacrifice she could move the party to city of choice. 

Guild are also looking for help as there has been rumours of miners disappearing in a nearby copper mine. Guards have been sent in but also vanished. 

There is also the mayor's standing reward of 100000 gp to anyone who can save his daughter from her iron prison. As a heartbeat is discernable in the iron. 

Finally there is work always to be had through underground gambling and fights against exotic and dangerous creatures, slaves and criminals.