I've done some research, and found that that the armour and weapons have more realistic names. So for those who want a realistic take on d&d, the following renames and tweaks to equipment can make the setting more realistic.

Some enemies who use Longswords, if you decide to have them use then one handed, can be replaced with an arming sword, as Longswords were designed for use with two hands.

Shields are referred to as Heater Shields, and there are other types of Shields, such as Bucklers (+1, 2 pounds, and you can wield two handed weapons with disadvantage) Kite Shields (+3, 10 pounds, stealth disadvantage, min strength 13) And tower Shields (+4 ,20 pounds, stealth disadvantage, min strength 16, disadvantage on all one handed weapon attacks)
The pricing of each can be chosen by you, but I usually go with the following: 9gp for buckler, 15 gp for Heater Shields, and 50gp for tower shields

Studded leather can become a brigandine, chain shirts haburgeons, and chain mail hauberks.

Any other ideas are welcome.