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When i went to grab all the oficial content downloads it turns out one of the packs with feats was messed up a bit, the actual feats arent sorted from the class features so i cant look up just feats


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Ive got plenty of drawings id rather use but is there a way to add them to the list?

(All the warforged class caption meem things squee)


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I think you might be able to do that by replaceing your class with the expanded archatype version


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I do t know if ritual is the only tag for spells but id like to be able to sort for them cause there castable without spell slots(i do know casting as a ritual takes time before im corrected)


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Can i get a single download for everything rather than going and downloading them all seperately

K thanks

It shouldnt be to hard to tie levels to certain abilities and feat on certain levels in the class list and then a feat or stat thing for those levels that let ya do that and then implement it in the hombew thing here

If ya do do this then ya might alsomwant ways of sorting throuh your charecters aquirerd features and maybe linking it with your bookmarked items

(If i actually knew what code comands did what id so help with this)

Might i ask for you to add the ruels for custom sentient weapons(i remember a part in the handbook that says you can get something enchated with sentience and a few sugestions for it)