Sword of Roses, Cursed Blur ring, Silver shield of Mishakal.
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Cursed Ring of Blur (Demon)
Caster Level: 0
Price (to buy the item): 50,000
Cost (to create the item): 30,000+ 15,000xp
Weight: .3
Aura: illusion 

The Ring will act like a normal Ring of Blur (The attuned person can use this ring to cast the spell blur [see spell blur] 3 times a day.), however, the ring will attempt to make the attuned person evil. The attuned person must make a charisma save every time they use the ring. If they fail a DC10 they become enraged for the rest of the day, if they continue to use the ring and fail a DC15 they attack the closest ally. 

inside the ring is a Pit Feind, who like to toy with the attuned person making them do the dirty work. They can take this ring to a cleric or priest who can use greater restoration to take this demon out. if that happens the demon will show up as a shadow fiend because the pit fiend can only take over a body.   

Sword of Roses
Category: Wepons
Subcategory: Epic
Casrtor level: 0
Price (to buy the item): 60,000
Cost to create: 80,000+20,000xp
Weight: 10PD

The Sword of Roses is a two-handed great sword that has tooling into the sword that looks like a stem leading into a rose flower.  Is a normal greatsword creatures slashed must make a DC13 constitution save if they do not make it, the sword does an extra D8 of poison damage.

Silver Shield of Mishakal 
Catagory: Armour, sheild
Price (to buy the item): 25,000
Cost (to create the item): 30,000+ 15,000xp
Weight: 10Pd

This shield is an intelligent item that helps with the moral decisions, and this is also a +1 to AC shield. When the attuned person has a creature crit hits the attuned person heals all things in a 20ft radius and lowers the crit damage to half.       

This shield has a helpful personality, however, if an evil person should attune to this shield they over time start become a good person.