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it won't let me add more than 1 attachment per post, oh well. here is the equipment file. smile


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Well I started fleshing out some things and figured I'd make a place for my resource files.

Current Files

snaidraces includes races from:
Eberron Campaign Setting
Races of Destiny

snaidEquipments include non-magical items from:
Arms and Equipment Guide(weapons only)

If anyone finds a typo or something missing let me know and I'll fix it.

Enjoy smile

Edit: Forgot the file smile


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I might be able to get the online editor working. I was thinking of programming one anyway. and "Yes please" on the full specifications. at the moment I seem to have a great amount of free time.

So I figured out the data files format enough to add in the missing Eberron races

I give you:
Kalashtar (see note)
and Warforged!

These are sourced from the Eberron Campaign Setting, but I wanted to be as all inclusive as possible on Shifter Traits so I added those from other sources that I knew of. If you know of others I missed, let me know where to find them and I'll update my data file.

(NOTE: Kalashtar are in this file due to me not realizing they were in the all-races file. and after realizing it I wanted the extra info not listed in the all-races one. if there's enough of a request, I'll make a Kalashtar-less version of this)

Edit:fixed some spelling errors

If you can explain a little of how the files are laid out I can help with updating/creating them I'm willing to update the races files but what I really want to do is add more weapons to the list. (I'm also a fan of those that requested infusions and invocations, but I think we'll need new sections in the app for them...)

PS: I've figured out enough to update individual entries in the races file, but I'm not sure on adding more races to the file. any help would be great.