32 Vandar's Rogue Light

by Vandar

33 Hi

by ilyannajoy

34 Hew Battleax

by KobayashiMaru77

35 Children of night(race)

by cherokeerainwater666

38 Wildwalker custom class

by FreekyJohn

42 Tinkerer

by nkidis2cool

43 Random post

by tennoinfestation

44 I have a question

by tennoinfestation

45 Class from scratch

by Hum@n

46 Custom stuff

by Hum@n

47 Revenant (UA)

by fairyEmpressive

48 Cat o’ nine flail

by duckymon1

49 Scientist background

by duckymon1

50 Blood hunter class feats

by spykz1190

51 The Sword of Glory

by Demi-god Glory

52 Glory the Demi-god Teifling

by Demi-god Glory

53 Cleric - Madness Domain

by wsing1974

58 Ring of Divine Fortune

by CawCawKenku

59 Variant human

by ipodgaming42