31 Assassin Class

by Dualrainz

32 DM's Guild Pugilist Class

by drwatson88

33 Woodwose as Playable

by wempe.wolf86

34 Centaurs as a playable

by wempe.wolf86

35 Dryad as playable race

by wempe.wolf86

36 Feat: Secret Identity

by Ravnclw2012

37 Greatbow

by dwolfknight

38 Pathfinder Swashbuckler

by ProphetAzazael

39 Pathfinder Witch class

by ProphetAzazael

40 Dragon Rider for D&D 5

by Tachk Galenodel

41 Alchemist class from Pathfinder

by ProphetAzazael

45 Misc Vampire classes

by majortom917

46 Etheralius Infinitus Mage Class

by TurtletheBlack

47 Etheralius Infinitus Bowman Class

by TurtletheBlack

48 Silversteel gear

by TheAvantian

50 Mo' Spells v1.6.1

by enby

54 All Warcraft Races for 5e

by joshua.m.swanger

55 Satyr (Race)

by mangaturtle

56 Swarm of Insects

by daniel.rodrigues12.85

57 The Drakin

by Poolio10

58 Multiple packs

by cgmc001

59 Dwarf (monopod)

by cgmc001

60 Store Pack

by cgmc001