31 watery sphere

by twasheck

33 Shadow Weaver (Roguish Archetype)

by Incognito1911

34 Personality Traits

by dragonfairy1

35 Darfellan class

by glittervigilante

36 My added monsters 5ed

by medevul

37 Sword of Mass Destruction

by PedroKT2000

38 Saiyan race homebrew

by Vaulthunter1994

39 Yuan-ti Pureblood

by Sen

41 Race: Half Fairy 5e

by jrgarcia2468

43 Critical Role Content?

by Polyethanase

45 The Shaper Origin

by Tachk Galenodel

46 Kapre (Race)

by jrgarcia2468

48 Assassin Class

by Dualrainz

49 DM's Guild Pugilist Class

by drwatson88

50 Woodwose as Playable

by wempe.wolf86

51 Centaurs as a playable

by wempe.wolf86

52 Dryad as playable race

by wempe.wolf86

53 Feat: Secret Identity

by Ravnclw2012

54 Greatbow

by dwolfknight

55 Pathfinder Swashbuckler

by ProphetAzazael

56 Pathfinder Witch class

by ProphetAzazael

57 Dragon Rider for D&D 5

by Tachk Galenodel

58 Alchemist class from Pathfinder

by ProphetAzazael