Topic: Warforged Components

Warforged components to be added to the app.

Warforged components found in Eberron Campaign Settings page 267.

Embedding or Attaching a Warforged Component;

> Any character capable of creating a magic item can make the same magic item as a Warforged Component, and any Warforged capable of using a magic item can use the same item as a Warforged Component.
> Warforged Components take up the same space as the same kind of item would take up.
> Components that do not take up any space on the body cost twice as much.
> Components can only be used by Warforged.
> Embedded components can not be targeted or broken by rolling a 1. Attached components can be targeted and damaged.
> Warforged can activate a component by thought as a standard action without moving or making a sound and never provide an attack of opporunity.
> Attaching or detaching a component is a standard action that never provides an attack of opportunity. If a Warforged has at least 1 Hit Point, Embedded or Attached components can not be removed unless the Warforged wants them to be removed. Embedded or Attached components can be removed from a disabled Warforged. Each component receives a saving throw if the Warforged is destroyed, which can then be salvage later.

Basic Components;
> Armblade.
Is a +1 Bastard sword that covers the hand and requires the exotic weapon proficiency (bastard sword). Can not be disarmed. +2 bonus to disarm rolls. IF the wielder uses a ready action to set armblade against a charge, he deals double damage.
Faint transmutation; CL 5th: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, heroism; price 2300 gp weight 8 lb.

> Armbow.
+2 Repeating light crossbow. Covers the hand. Magically loads and fired with a thought as a standard action. Automatically creates bolts to keep ammunition case full. Case hold 5 bolts at a time. Can create 20 bolts per day. Warforged can spend 1 Hit Point per bolt. At any time, a Warforged can expend 3 Hit Points to create a bolt with Align Weapon as a free action. Bolts disappear if removed without being fired.
Moderate evocation and conjuration: CL 9th: Craft Magic Arm and Armor, align weapon, minor creation; Price 20000 gp Weight 12 lb.

> Battlefist.