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Topic: Equestrian races

Equestrian Traits:

Equestrians that have either horns, wings, neither, or both live lives equivical or more than that of humans.

Ability Score Increase:


+1 score to both int and wisdom scores


+1 score to Dex and Charisma scores


+1 score to Str and cons scores


+1 score to ALL  ability scores


While most Equestrians are Lawful good some can be chaotic and downright creul at times, many hate seeing others in pain or suffering and wish to cheer up or aid the downtrodden.


Equestrians are roughly 4-6 feet tall and are size medium.


All races have 30 speed except pegasi and alicorns who have a base speed of 35 when walking and 40 while flying.


Unicorns are smart creatures and excellent spell casters, allmost all have acess to basic telekinesis and can lift light to medium objects with little effort and heavy objects with a bit of practice or concentration. Unicorns can also wield fine tools and are excellent tinkerers, doctors, locksmiths, and accountants. They are also well known for their Studious natures and make great scholars, mages, archivists, religeous figures, and insrument players.

HP calculation:  (this overrides class hit dice) 1D8 per Unicorn level + Cons. Modifier

Horn: Can cast spells or cantrips without needing finger movements, and use the below abilities without materials.

Levitation: (1 per 6 turns cooldown) [Concentration] Can levitate light or medium objects or beings within your sight and 60 feet, other than yourself, up to 20 feet a turn for a duration of 10 minutes, heavy objects and beings can be moved 10 feet. Beings may perform Strength 15 or Wisdom 15 saving throws to escape on caster's and their turn, beings can be immobilized or allowed to move at casters will.

Short Teleport: Level 3 minimum (can be cast once for every 3 levels in a day and are restored every long rest IE: level 3 = 1 cast, level 9 = 3 cast) can teleport 5 willing beings + 1 for every 3 levels up to 50 feet + 10 per level to any location within sight or through walls to rooms/areas the caster has been.


Pegasi are dexterous and speedy beings well known for their aerial prowess and acrobatic feats as well as an appealing charm. Pegasi can also control the weather and cloud formations through physical manipulations of clouds and air currents. Pegasi are often fast and sleek and excell in jobs such as Weather patrolers, couriers, racing/stunt flying, spies, merchants, and astrologists

HP calculation: (this overrides class hit dice) 1D10 per Pegasi level + cons. Modifier

Flight: Pegasi can fly at will and can navigate storms with ease their speed is increased and Dex saving throws and jumps/glides have advantage. However certain conditions such as thermals caused by large fires/lava, turbulent weather, injured wings, exaustion level 3 cause disadvantage for many actions such as attacking, saving throws, and acrobatics checks. Staying airborne for an hour or 20 turns causes exaustion to increase by 1.

Lightning resistance: [passive] take 1/2 damage from lightning based attacks.

Wind resistance: [passive] take 1/2 damage from wind based attacks

Speed up: [passive]  Every 5 levels add 5 feet of movement for land travel, and 10 feet of flight travel.


Earth ponies are strong and hardy and are attuned for nature. Earth pony farmers have great knowledge of fauna both common and exotic and are amoung the most stalwart among the three common equestrian races. They can bear heavy loads and can withstand both elements and attacks easier than the other two common races. Earth ponies excell at jobs such as farmers, botanists, millitary/police carrers, builders, transportation/moving companies.

HP calculation:  (this overrides class hit dice) 2D6 per Earth pony level + (2xCons. Modifier)

Buck: melee range attack for 2D6 damage + strength modifier. Add 1D6 for every 4 levels. Target makes a Dex 14 saving throw if failed target take full damage and is knocked to prone, if sucessful target takes half damage. User rolls disadvantage from melee attacks from up to 5 feet away untill the next turn.

Hardy: Constitution modifier adds 2 HP per rank instead of 1, healing from healing potions increased by +2, Saving throws of Dex and Strength get +1, can go with less food and water than usual before exhaustion sets in.

Wide block: can take 4/5ths melee/ranged physical weapon damage inplace of all alies (or selected allies) within 5 feet for 4 turns. Doesn't affect Area of effect spells, line spells, or non-physical attacks such as mind spells, levitation, or similar spells

Universal Skills:

When an equestrian Pegasi, Earth pony, or Unicorn reaches level 20, they can recieve 1 of 2 Skills, their choice.


The being is Transformed into the Alicorn race, their level is sent back to level 1 and their HP max is halved. They retain all abilities, skills, equiqment, spells, spell slots, and knowledge. They are also cured of all status ailments, curses, and states (except petrificatuon, Wish debuff, and ailments/curses brought on by their equipment). This skill is unusable on others and cannot be used a second time.


The user and nonhostile beings within 30 feet gain advantage on saving throws, perception, charisma, hit checks, can move double speed, and attack twice if they havn't moved (consumes all movement for 2nd attack) for 20 minutes and those with 0 HP within range are healed by 2 points. The user aditionally gains shield, aid, etherealness and bless for 10 turns


Alicorns are rare. Exceedingly rare especially those that are naturally born of which there are 2 known to have ever been born Alicorns, the others have ascended from either Earth, Pegasi, or Unicorn equestrians. Alicorns have Magical abilities surpasing most unicorns, flight capabilities spanning greater than the average pegasi, and strength greater than a large sum of earth ponies. Their lifespans are unknown as one has never died of age, or natural causes. Alicorns are royalty amongst the Equestrian society often with kingdoms of their own.

HP calculation: (This overrides class hit dice) 3D6 per + (3D6 per two levels IE: level 2,3 = 6D6, and level 4,5 = 9D6) + (2xCons. Modifier)

Ascention required: This race cannot be chosen as a starting race, only ascended to through the Ascention ability.

Harmony: Recieves ALL abilities from other Equestrian races.

Royal status: Recieves advantage on charisma/intimidation checks for non-alicorn Equestrians.

Enhanced flight: Same as flight ability from pegasi, however large fires and turbulance no longer causes disadvantage, and exhaustion stage 4 is required for disadvantage. (Instead of 3)

Enhanced levitation: Same as Unicorn's levitation except, light to medium Objects can be moved 30 feet, heavy objects can be moved 20 feet and no longer put you at a disadvantage, and ultra heavy objects can be levitated for 15 feet a turn at disadvantage. Range of levitation is increased to 100 feet.

Enhanced Wide Block: Same as wide block except range increased to 10 feet.

Flame strike: twice per day a 10 foot radius 40 foot high cylinder of fire erupts within 60 feet in your designated location and causes 2d6 fire and 2d6 Radient damage

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