Topic: Hulkish?

I am working on a character that started life as a Minotaur, but requested and received a permanent polymorph into a human. The hook is that when he loses his temper or is greatly stressed, he reverts; i.e. The Hulk. Trying to work out the arcana and a way to change him back via, spell or bardic spell. Suggestions?

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Re: Hulkish?

Spells for Bard: Animal Friendship, Charm Person, Sleep, Catnap, Hypnotic Pattern, Charm monster, polymorph, Dominate Monster,
Wizard: Charm Person, Hypnotic Pattern, Polymorph, Dominate Person, Geas, Modify Memory, Mirage arcane, Wish
Ranger: Animal Friendship
Sorcerer: Charm Person, Sleep,