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Topic: D20 Complete Ref 3.5 support request.

Hey I picked up a new Tablet(Samsung Tab A) a few days ago and wanted to start using it with this supreme App, but I encountered a issue. I can not get my custom entry files, downloaded files and bookmarked entries to transfer over to the new tablet.

   A good wile ago I did this very thing from my old Tablet(can not remember what it was) to my current phone(Samsung S5 Neo) with no issues, but now going from my Phone to my new Tablet I can not get it to work. The App does not see any of the files if I move them manually, or even if I try to re-download them from this site. The Tablet or the app now does not see .dd35 as a valid file and can not find the app on device or any app to read it. Help or direction is most welcome as rewriting all my custom entries will take days of effort and not to mention all the addition files from here are just not showing up either. Is there a place I must place them for the App to see them?

Edit: I got the files from here to re-download after fighting with my tablet for a few minutes, had to reinstall? However even with the bulk of the files reinstalled I can not find their location on my device, as I had hopes I could just manually transfer my booked marked items or custom entries. Will I haft to upload all my custom entries from my Phone then re-download them on the tablet?

Edit 2: I fixed my own issue after I stopped thinking about it. The answer was so easy. I have all my files on my PC, so I am just uploading them.


Re: D20 Complete Ref 3.5 support request.

Hi, glad you already solved it.
Emailing the files to yourself usually also works, and then open the files from the email app.