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Topic: Thoughts on a fungle spore monstrous vine creature

So I made a very diverse homebrew fungle spore creature. You start out as a hunk of vines in the forest not knowing anything about yourself Sept your basic functions as a vine creature acting as neutral good helping the forest and its inhabitants around you. You are accustomed to seeing humanoids around you and they are intriguing partly due to your ability to sence intelligence. The other part is how little you understand them and their odd mannerisms. I gave it a high movement in trees and it can change its form to imitate any being it sees in rough shape. Making a mixed shape would have disadvantage unless perks were made for an odd shape-shifting fungle spore plant. The main purpose of this mix was I wanted to have a symbiotic life form that would live off the plant and be able to help or hurt humanoids. As for the plant you can assume it does plant stuff... well my brother (the dm) just let me use the spores for it. I know it will probably be criticized due to the spore druid that does necrotic damage with them. I was working on this just before I heard it came out so yes the function was allowed.
I know most of the people I talked to don't like this character and here is why. It is a psionosist due to also having this odd mold growing all over it. An oblex was mixed in too. I did not know what created them till we hit a small turning point in the campaign when I had to as a player stay within my characters parameters and turn away from the party for killing a necromancer in which hadn't killed anyone I knew of and was able to be captured. Them I was let know the background of the oblex after my brother tried so hard to get me not to go against the good party. Now there's a possibility that my odd plant is a set up for a bbeg sleeper agent that is being watched by its maker from afar. The spores and oblex mix was reasoned to give me the capability for psionics as I am using. Plus I can latch onto other plants and convert 20 ft to 10 ft of me adding to my size. does take a while though. Due to me being the spores I can control more than one body if I was to get big enough and split myself into 2 or more. To control more than one or an increased size of body I have to have my spores inhabit that form long enough to produce more spores and have excellent nutrition. If I'm not in great health I don't replenish or make more spores. Very hard not to be evil with it..... due to possibility!!!! Climate does effect it just like a plant. Extra fire damage. All that. Thoughts?