Topic: Characters from fiction

It is common practice for people to try and make characters from movies, books, or games into d&d characters so I put this topic here for people to share there creations.
Also if the character uses something from a homebrew say which one and give the creator some credit.

I'll start with 1 just to give an idea

Yusuke Urameshi from Yuyu Hakusho
Minimum levels needed
9 Paladin, any oath will do but I think Vengeance fits best
6 Monk, Sun Soul
1 Sorcerer, Abyssal Legacy (homebrew "The Sorcerer, Tweaked" by SwordMeow)
Urban Bounty Hunter - couldn't think of anything better from the official books
Spells used
Aura of Vitality, Chaos bolt
Unimportant he isn't ever shown with any piece of gear for long before it is broken or rendered obsolete


Re: Characters from fiction

Nice idea!