Topic: Help with Half-Orcs (not that stupid one)

Hello, guys! My name is Fidel, I'm from Brazil.
I'm new here as member and player, too. I've been playing a Sorcerer Half-Orc (hard, I know).
I have doubt: what is that "magic items" that only orcs can use? I search for it,  'cuz I'm interested in find out every advantage for my character. Would you help me? Is there any item that would help me in my journey?

Another question, too: My character is the only who has magical powers in my group and I'm thinking in try a multiclass with Barbarian. Is it a good idea?

Since now, thank you!
Ps: I'm sending a screenshot of my character's attributes.


Re: Help with Half-Orcs (not that stupid one)

I would not multi class. But if your character would or you want to you should do it.