Topic: Returning to pnp after 25 years...umm help please

I foolishly said yes to my 16 year old when he asked if I would show him the game and play with him.  Mostly I was just stoked my teenager wanted to voluntarily hang out with his mom (so uncool right)

I downloaded all the books, printed out character sheets and sat down to do what I had in the past done multiple times...we got as far as the ability scores and then got very overwhelmed.  The game has so much more to it now, which is great
  Unfortunately at the rate I am going reading the over 1000 pages of material, we might get to play by the time he finishes high school. 

This weekend I really devoted a lot of time and research online and found a wealth of information but the 3 page character sheet and the creating the many other facets of my character seems to be alluding me.  I tried to reach out to local gaming stores and was met with resistance.  I can't just walk in on their Wednesday night campaign and ruin the chapter by asking 100 would have been nice to find a few other players so my son cab experience a proper game.

I have tons of material now, our character pieces, game board, DM screen, and the little plastic buckets and walls....we are all set, expect where do I begin?  Please help me look cool in front of my son.  You would think with almost 10 years experience I could at least create a character...thanks for your time and assistance.


Re: Returning to pnp after 25 years...umm help please

There's the basic docs I'd recommend, since that can usually be a condensed version of D&D so you're not having to go through things that aren't key to the game.

This link for free D&D docs is compiled through some site, but should be given a quick look through:

In addition, you might find fun podcasts or YouTube videos of people playing D&D.

Last, call Wizards game support. I worked there for 6 months and it was a blast. They will answer any D&D question.

Seven Days a Week
9am - 5pm (Pacific Time)
US/Canada/Mexico: (800) 324-6496

Also, just post the question in here - someone is bound to know it.


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Re: Returning to pnp after 25 years...umm help please

Did you get the Starter Set?  There's a lot less to it, and that may help you.

There's also