Topic: Magic items for nature bard & explorer ranger - help!

I'm trying to compile a list of magic items to give to my players eventually (through dungeons, merchants, etc). I have two items for each player (and potentially more) except two.

One is a half-elf valor bard who loves to collect animals (he currently has a bear, a longhorn ox, and a horse, with ambitions for more). He also likes collecting gear (he currently has a rapier, crossbow, armor, shield, and a longsword, in addition to his flute), so I don't think I'd need much to have him get it. Alternatively, I'd be open to interesting pets/mounts he could tame.

Another is a wood elf hunter ranger who likes exploring. His player is a newbie, so something really intuitive would help. He isn't just an archer, so a powerful bow doesn't seem to make sense. I am really at a loss with what to give him.

Any suggestions (official or homebrew) would be appreciated.