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Topic: Sage Advice

My group often refers back to the Sage Advice column written by @JeremyECrawford, and I wanted to be able to include it in this app. Since we can't upload rules sections yet, I transferred all of the existing rules answers into the races section.

I've already tested it, and it's very easy to transfer this into the rules section of your app.

1.) download and import the file I've uploaded
2.) go to the 'races' section, and find the entries titled 'Sage Advice'
3.) highlight the text in the entry you are transferring, and copy it
4.) create a new House Rule in the 'Rules' section
5.) paste the text into the House Rule editor

All the formatting and links should stay intact when transferred. I will keep this updated as more Sage Advice is published.

Edit 9/19/2016: Updated for the September Rules Answers (found here: http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/feature … mber-2016)

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