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Topic: Scarab

Scarab Traits

Scarabs are denizens of the deep, deeper even than the Dwarves that discovered them. Now roaming the land very small colonies populate the Overworld.

Ability Score Increase. Strength +2, Constitution +2

Superior Dark Vision. Due to being underground for so long they Can see withing 120 ft in dark 60 feet in dim as if it were bright and dark as if it were dim.

Natural Armor. Scarabs are naturally armored thanks to there chitinous covered form. AC=14+Con.

Size. Due to their Large size and the chitin that surrounds their body, they are incapable of wearing and type of armor without it being custom made and very VERY expensive

Arcana Impotent. Scarabs are naturally impotent from the realm of arcana, unless given to them from a powerful source such as a God, fiendish patron, or exposure of other means, the closest they come to wielding magic would be enchanted items

Large Hands. Due to their size finesse weapons are quite flimsy, almost toothpick-like, their giant hands go over most things that aren't custom made.

Movement. Scarabs have 30 ft of movement

Languages. Scarabs speak, read, and write Common, Dwarvish, and can understand other Scarabs. The Scarab language is written in Dwarven script.