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FixeD it! I had to rename them S .dd35 docs then import them.with the rest of my data. But thanks!


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Sorry I'm struggling here I've trieD es file explorer and the native Samsung my files neither let's me open my character exports with the appayments. Went into the app looking for an import button couldn't find it. Please help hmm


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So I had to export my characer manager files to drive and reset my phone. How can I re import it to the character manager?


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Suggestion would be a different way to do/ show this.  Now when I open up the first page it says level x multiclass even if all the levels read the same. Its really the only feature I think needs work.

How do you go about deleting duplicates in the app?


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So I adore this app!  Essential tool for me as a new player. I did pay for the character manager update (WORTH EVERY CENT!) but I cannot figure out how to level up my saved character??

I love this app! But Im a ranger gnome so I can't wield a long bow so we subbed out a a short bow but it's not in the options. Also missing the legendary rapier Winterweis, I think. It may be homebred though if it is please correct me.
Link to Winterweis-https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Winterweiss_(5e_Equipment)