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hey Jsnyder
I'd like to have a look at this but i have no idea what feats these are.
could you please put the names of the feats here so we have an idea of what to search for in the app.
kind regards
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I have been concocting a number of low level magic items to hand to my low level players. I aim to make them intresting for my players while not being OP at their level. These are thelatest two i have come up with.
Shield of shield

Family: Armor and Shields
Category: Armor
Subcategory: Shields
Cost: 7 days casting shield on a descent quality steel shield
Weight: 10lbs

The shield of shield is a common type magic item. it Requires attunement to wear and works as a regullar shield with only one difference. Once between long rests the wielder can use the sorcerer spell shield without expending a spell slot. See the rules for the use of the shield spell in the player handbook.

Bow of the uncanny marksman

Family: weapons
Category: Simple Weapons
Subcategory: Ranged Weapons
Type: Piercing

Damage medium: 1d8
Critical: 20

Cost: A 4 feet long Ent branch, a bowstring and 50 years of your life
Weight: 3lbs

The bow of the uncaany marksman has been crafted from the branch of an ent and has kept a reduced form of consiousness. It help its wearer to correct small mistakes in their shooting style thus helping them to shoot ore accurately. The bow gives a +2 bonus on attack roll made with it. In order to benefit from this effect the wearer must have fired at least tree shots with the bow. The item does not require attunement but as said before the wielder must shoot tree times before the attack bonus aplies. The dammage it deals is considered non magical as it merely helps you to aim better.

DM: to your discretion you can allow the bows attack bonus raise together with the caracters level. It is advised to do this if the weapon is used frequently by the PC owning it. It would be explained by the bow gaining new experience from being used by the PC.

I like the ideas and i am always happy to ad new magic itmes that i can grant to my players.
I just feel like the description of the shield of mishakal isn't very clear.
1) when does it activate? does it activate when you crit or when you are critted?
2) how much does it heal?
3) When you say it heals all things do you mean it also heals your enemies?
I hope you can addapt the description to answer these questions.
Keep up the good work

I created two new magical items. Stil trying to finetune the prices. Any feedback would be welcome. I have posted the description of the items in the post and you can vind the files atthe bottom of the post.

Scroll of translation

Category: Scroll

Caster Level: 0
Market Price: 500gp
Weight: 0.1lbs
Cost to create: 400gp


The scroll of translation is an uncommon magic item. it is created by using the tongues spell on an empty scroll  fur 1 week.

To the casual observer the scroll looks like a mainly  blank scroll. The scroll is divided in two parts by a thin giled line. at the top of the scroll the words "ad unum omnes linguis" are written in curly letters. Thos made by the original inventors also carry their names on either side of this phrase: Kragmire and Gerwoltz.

The scroll has the following properties. The scroll can translate any language written on it and creates a written output into the target language. In order for this the writter must know both the name of the unknown language and the target language and write them on top of the scroll divided by the gilded line.  The scroll works for thirty minutes a day and will regain it's charges after a long rest. If you fail to correctly identify the languge used to write on the scroll, the scroll wil go in overdrive and lose all it's remaining charges for that day.

Staff of the windwaker

Category: Staff

Caster Level: 0
Market Price: 500gp
Weight: 3lbs
Cost to create: 400gp

Reference: The staff of the windwaker looks like an ordinary quarterstaff. It is a 6 feet long straight wooden stick made  from hardened wood. Each end of the stick is covererd wiwth bras tops. The tops are inscribed with air runes. The weapon deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage. being attuned to the staf gives  you a +2 bonus on initiative rolls. Additionally the staff has 1d4 charges. A charge can be used to extend the reach of an attack by 5 feet by creating a gust of cutting wind. Players are allowed to use several charges at once to extend their attacks by a maximum of 20 feet. An attack dealt by using this ability will cause 1d8+dex modifier slashing damage. After a long rest the staff regains 1d4 charges.


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I have been toying with the idea of A castaway background.
The concept is that the character was shipwrecked on the coast of the continent where the adventure takes place. He is unfamiliar with the enviroment and culture. He has lost some of the equipment that comes standard with the class.

I'd like to know what you think of it.
please keep in mind that it's my first attemt at creating content.
I am aware that there should be more options in flaws, bonds, ideals etc.
Is there still anything else I should addapt or balance?

Kind regards