There's the basic docs I'd recommend, since that can usually be a condensed version of D&D so you're not having to go through things that aren't key to the game.

This link for free D&D docs is compiled through some site, but should be given a quick look through:

In addition, you might find fun podcasts or YouTube videos of people playing D&D.

Last, call Wizards game support. I worked there for 6 months and it was a blast. They will answer any D&D question.

Seven Days a Week
9am - 5pm (Pacific Time)
US/Canada/Mexico: (800) 324-6496

Also, just post the question in here - someone is bound to know it.


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1- It's more file based than cloud based. That being said, you will most likely get the DM tools add-on to be able to track players and NPCs.

2- Dice rolls through the app are local.

My usage of the app is for DM stuff mostly (and it's one of the best I've used), but pencil and paper is a majority of the table. I'll use Hangouts for remote people and trust their rolls. If you don't trust rolls or want more of a online interface, consider Roll20 for a full system that's online and shared between everyone or something as simple as a personal Slack channel for random dice rolls and secret communications.


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I uploaded some of the missing monsters from the player's handbook and tried to stay close to the original style.

That being said, I'll probably look into making entries uniform across the different source books.


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Thanks! I just noticed this thread. I almost did this from scratch. sad


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I have a list of creatures that were missing from the PHB Appendix D: Creature stats. I have included a link to the file from my google drive.

(Edit: I didn't see a attachment option before, now I've proper attached the file.)


I'm writing them up now.

So far Lion through Poisonous Snake, Rat through Riding Horse and Tiger through Wolf are missing.

I love the app -  it's great! I did notie that some values are missing from the monster list:

Reef Shark

Also some monters are listed in init tracker but not showing a monter link to that entry. "Veterans" is one example.