61 Notes in Notes Section Deleted?

by skoobiedoobie

62 Levelling up

by thestigofwar

63 Import Content?

by Timber ( Pages 1 2 )

65 Initiative Tracker Monster Bug

by kg.kdg.kage

68 Some Update Ideas/Feature Requests

by random|:|sniper

70 dnd 5e app character manager


71 Bug: Cannot Import to 5e

by ClkwrkDragonfly

72 Sub-classes

by Alifer

73 Item Not Found

by adwaveth

75 Bluestacks immulator

by eldrick12

76 Bug in Inventory Weight menu

by polyglitch

77 D20 complete reference for 3.5

by danielfperrone

78 App doesn't work

by chmhaley

79 Ranger and Ranger (Revised)

by Guy Manning

81 Spells 2

by h1g4ny

86 Character Manager Issues

by KMiskell

87 Monsters in 5e

by fireslayer

88 New race format?

by softvelvet

89 Monster CR and EXP

by SynthElite

90 Charachter sheet

by Sam