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Topic: Missing reference material/custom rules issue


I've only just got the app for my android phone and couldn't help noticing a few things that seemed odd whilst exploring the app.

There seems to be missing reference material, things like the rules for Grappling, Shoving, Jumping etc. that are included in the SRD. Is there a reason for this?

I'm adding them as house rules for now, but doing so brings me to another second point.

I've noted when trying to create a custom rule that the 'add rule' button (circle with +) is placed in a way that it overlaps the 'edit' and 'delete' buttons of the new rule I'm creating. This gets fixed when I back out and return to rules when the new rules get moved to the top but initially it's quite unhelpful placed where it is. Perhaps it could be moved somewhere less obstructive (at the top out the way of the list or alongside the 'filter' bar maybe)?

Also when I've tried to add a new rule (in my case I've bundled grapple and shove together since they're contested checks and attempted to copy/paste from the SRD) I've noticed that a rule with lots of text can't be edited properly due to the android keyboard filling the lower portion of the screen and the app not allowing the visible part of the text block to scroll up enough to allow editing in the lower area. It seems to behave as if the android keyboard isn't there when it should perhaps adjust the height of the text box to allow for the android keyboard. A fix for that would be really helpful.

I know this, my first post, is somewhat grumbesome so I'd also like to say thanks for creating a useful tool and I really look forward to seeing how it might grow over time. My apologies too, if these issues have already been raised or if the missing information I mentioned is elsewhere in the app and I simply haven't found it yet.

And a Happy New Year to everyone too!


Re: Missing reference material/custom rules issue

Happy new year to you too!
Sorry for the late reply.

I think you have very good points and I will see if I can fix these for the next release. The reason why not all the rules are there is basically simple, I apparently forgot to add a few sad .