Topic: Spells

The whole spell menu is useless atm sad

Spell slots: no function
known spells: no function
LVL 0?? spells: i have to manually add how many times i can cast a Cantrip in 5e...
no connection between the available slots and the spells.

Please try to fix this:
-rename the lvl 0 spells to cantrip and make it infinite OR dump the cantrips from the daily slots menu
-make the spells know menu a maximum number, so if my max is 6 lvl 1 spell, do not let me add an other one
-Connect the spell slots with the available spell. So fe: the learned menu shows the remaining spell slots for a day, and when i cast a spell, it will substract from it:
Spells per day:
1  2  3  etc.
4  2  1

Spells 1

Learned  Used SN                   ------->>>>>  Learned  Used SN
4               0     Burning Hands                       3               1    Burning Hands
4               0     Catapult                                3               0    Catapult 

Or, just dump the learned row, totally pointless in 5e. Connect the daily slots with the used times and that's all.



Re: Spells

Thank you for the feedback!

The learned is useful if you play a wizard, I agree with sorceress and druid etc it is pointless.
The different classes however make it difficult to optimize the UI.
Cantrips, good point, I will change that asap!

Thanks again