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Topic: New user: bugs/improvements

Hey there,
So firstly cheers for this amazing app. I've been using it for months to design encounters and have a quick reference for classes etc.
I just bought the character creator though and this is where I've run into a few issues/possible improvements. I'll just bullet point them below:


Race & Class Traits/Feats
Some race and class traits don't load after initial creation. For example the rogue's Sneak Attack. Once I've made the character and then go to the feats window and try to see the wording it will say "Not found. The searched item cannot be found." It is the same with Thieve's Cant. Expertise seems to work fine. The same thing with a cleric I made; the Spellcasting and Divine Domain traits don't expand. If I add them manually they work.

Equipment/Trait carry-over
If I make a new character, the equipment and traits from a character I have previously made also appears in the new character's inventory. I suspect this happens if I make two characters without closing the app between making characters as I just tested this. I made a rogue, then right after I made a barbarian without closing the app. The barbarian had the rapier, shortbow and burglars pack. It also had sneak attack, expertise etc. I then closed the app, cleared the cache, and reopened and made a bard. The equipment and traits did not carry over.

Skill list order
For some reason the skill list randomly reverses in alphabetical order.

Those are the main bugs I spotted, as for improvements/suggestions.

- Add the option to select proficiencies in character creation.
- Link weapon attack and damage bonuses to their abilities automatically
- Roll attacks and damage in Battle Mode with an on-screen roller (Or just just have the dice roller option in Battle Mode)
- Have Spell Save DC/Spell Attack Bonus in Battle Mode
- When rolling spells it will not roll a spell if you are out of spell slots for that spell. A prompt to roll using a higher level slot if one is available would be great.

Once again, you've done an amazing job with this app. I suspect having the option to download custom content from the forum creates double ups that may be causing issues with the traits/feats. But also I'm not a developer, I don't know how these things work.

Anyway, cheers for all the work you and every creator that makes downloadable content has done


Re: New user: bugs/improvements

Dear Snoffy,

Thank you a lot for the elaborate feedback and mention of the issues.
We have just created a new beta release that solves a part of them and are working on the others as we speak.
I will keep you posted on the progress.