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[FAQ] Complete Reference for 5e

Q: Why is some content missing?
A: The app comes initially with the complete SRD 5, this is a limited open-source set of rules, monsters, items etc. Unfortunately we can not publish all content in the app.
However, this forum provides you with the possibility to share and create content for the app. In … php?id=116 you can find a lot of additional content for 5e that you can directly import into the app.
Download the file, open the file on your phone or tablet and select the Complete reference for 5e if an app-choose dialog appears. The app will import the content and you can use it directly.
For iOS users, first save the file to dropbox or another cloud storage app, and from dropbox select Share -> Open with.. and select the Complete Reference app.

[FAQ] Character Manager

Q: How to edit the maximum HP of a new character?

A: When you create a new character, the maximum hit points is set to the hit dice of the class plus your constitution bonus. If you want to change this, go to the "Level up" screen by either pressing the Level up! button or the button that displays your current class and level (just below the character name).
In the level up screen (see attachment) you can change the hit points you got per level, the max hit points will be the sum of the hit points in this screen + your level * constitution bonus.

Q: How do I level up my character?

A: You can level up a character by clicking the Level up! button, you will see the add class screen (see attachment 'level-up-screen.png'). You can now add a level with the class or archetype you want to level up with. When you level up you get a random number of hit points that you can replace with your own choice if you prefer. Look at your class description to see any other bonuses you might gain.

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When I click the level up button nothing happens...


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Is there a way to transfer characters to other devices?