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Topic: Homebrew Book of Vile Darkness

This will be for an artifact I have just introduced into my ongoing campaign (Demons & Dreamlands). It is one of the most potent magical items in the game, however, it also takes about 80 hours to study and it is intelligent. Meaning, it will adjust its properties over time, becoming more powerful for those with a more chaotic nature, and less so for the goody two shoes who examine it. I will be updating the artifact as the character wielding it delves deeper into its secrets.

This is a major item and should never be used lightly. If you want something similar, without the potency or gravity the reputation of this tome brings, feel free to use parts of its properties, but call the tome  by a different name.

This tome itself can adjust the words on its pages to influence the reader. It probably won’t read Book of Vile Darkness on the inside cover, so don’t describe it that way. It’s just a leather bound spell book at first. And it’s vile nature only reveals itself over time.

On that note; anyone know how I can link a created item here. Or download it to my app for that matter?