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Topic: Feather Duster of Prestidigitaion

This feather duster was created bye a wizard named Octavius Charles Duster who obsessed with keeping his things clean

Name: Feather Duster of Prestidigitaion

Cost: 150 Gold

Cost to create: obsessively casting prestidigitation while using a feather duster worth at least 50 gold pieces for a week's time

This ornate feather duster has a slight magical enchantment that is activated when the command phrase "hippity hoppity get this dust off my property" is spoken. When activated the user can cast prestidigitation on any number of objects or creatures. The command phrase can be changed by any creature capable of casting prestidigitation but only to a phrase or tongue twister equally obnoxious and annoying about either their love of cleanliness or their hatred of mess.

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