Topic: Tinkerer


My finest creation: Work with your DM. You may design one magical or technological device and it’s function.

(You may show off your finest creation in performances in Inns, Pubs, and Shops, as a means to provide a comfortable lifestyle)

Variant Tinker: You may craft items at one third of their cost instead of one half of their cost.

Skill proficiencies: Investigation plus one from: Arcana, History, Insight

Equipment: Bottle of ink, Quill, One set of artisan’s tools, puzzle box containing plans to next creation, parchment, ID papers, common clothes, belt pouch of 10gp

Proficiencies: You gain Tinker tools and one Artisan tool proficiency.


Re: Tinkerer

Thank you for sharing this nice idea, could you perhaps also create a file using the content creator (see the link on top of the page). With those files people can immediately load it into the app.