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Topic: Custom Class: Warden (version 1.1.1)

This class is designed as a squishy support spellcaster with heavy concentration on conjuration (summoning)

Latest Changes:

  • Replaced the 20th level feature "Spirit Link" with "Call Greater Spirit"

  • Fixed typos

  • Fixed the Spirit Companion feature description

Here be some fluff text:

The Warden
A human sits in a coffee shop with her ancestors, talking about the old days of the clan. A gnome slams the ground summoning forth a mighty dragon once fallen in battle. An elf offers a dieing highwayman a contract; serve me after life and you'll escape your place in the nine hells.

Keeper Of The Dead
The Warden follows an ancient tradition. Rather than leave the fate of their ancestors to the gods, the Warden is tasked to watch over her people and guide and ready them for the after life. the role of the Warden varies from culture to culture some treat the fallen as tools to serve the living or as servants for the next generation. Some treat the fallen with reverence seeking to fulfill what had been left undone. Other wardens act as a mediator and gatekeeper for a great lineage of spirit kings.

Final Fate
A Wardens after life may come in many shapes it may  be divided into heaven and hell, be divided into domains each ruled by another spirit king, separated by alignment, or perhaps there is only one after life and those who are not worthy are cast out and their fate is left to the gods. Whatever the case the Warden is the gatekeeper and final decider ruling over all of or a portion (given more than one warden) of the clans purgatory.

Creating A Warden
Wardens are often set to shape the future of their people. A Warden may find herself adventuring on a search for wisdom; to one day return and guide her people. Or she could be seeking powerful beasts or warriors to add to her collective and prove herself a worthy warden or to gain an upper hand against another faction. Some Wardens may be seeking to expand her clans reach; accepting others as sisters and brethren of the clan regardless of heritage.

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