Topic: Initiative tracker issue

I had a rather frustrating bug creep up in our game last night. I pull up a saved encounter list of monsters on the initiative tracker, add the player characters, hit the roll everything button, then manually change the players' initiative rolls. After I save the first player roll, the rest of the list resets and all of the values change.

After testing it some I found that the monster/ character resets to the last manually saved value. For monsters this generally means reset to a roll of 0 and players it's whatever I previously entered as their roll.

This also happens when I rotate the screen.

Is this a known issue being worked on? Is there a work around or am I doing something else to trigger this?

I'm on Android, Galaxy S9.


Re: Initiative tracker issue

Thank you for the notice. This is not a known bug, we will look into it as soon as possible and I will let you know when it is resolved.