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Here are the Cobalt Soul and Gunslinger. If there's enough interest, I'd be willing to do the other subclasses that Matt Mercer has created from the Taldorei handbook.

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Bas van Stein wrote:

New complete DB file (version 2) with all additional files that have been posted in the mean time included.
This file still needs testing, if you have any feedback let me know via a post reply.

mbriddell wrote:

Here's the official Artificer.

Thank you, I have added them as well!

Thanks for doing all this work, I just have a small question.

When installing this file on a new install of the app, I have duplicates of several entries, such as the base classes, with different formatting for each. Do I just need to go through and delete the duplicate entries manually, based on which formatting I prefer, or is there a button somewhere I missed? I chose to overwrite everything when prompted.