Topic: Minor Issues and Suggestions

Hello again, while using the app in a campaign I noticed a few more issues and so I thought I would make you aware

1) There is nowhere in the character creator to add Feats, which can be very important when making a character.

2) There is a location in the sheet to add "temporary HP" which also updates a field called "Total HP" which is default + temp, makes sense. But when you go into battle mode, it uses your default HP, not your total.

Edit: Actually, I'm not sure where it's getting this battle mode HP value from, because my character has 24 ho with 6 temp put in correctly on the stats sheet but battle mode says I have 22 HP. Odd.

3) Add location to keep track of Spell Points as well as empty Spell Slots as well as the spell slot level. This is important for gameplay.

4) At level 3 my Sorcerer gets Metamagic which allows me to add things like Twinned Spell and Empowered Spell which have major affects. These are noted as abilities, which makes adding custom abilities necessary.

4) When entering battle mode, the HP starts off at 2/3rds health most of the time for seemingly no reason.

5) Mentioned before, but Tool/Weapon proficiencys have nowhere to go and don't factor in.


1) Add the already made "Dice Tool" button into the character creator especially in battle mode if the user has purchased the DM tools. That way you don't need to navigate out of your character battle sheet to roll dice for attacks. (Note: Typically this tool is locked under DM tools, you can keep that lock for this feature).

2) Improve leveling features, tell the user what they gain by leveling up, how many spell Slots/points they have, and Mark that somewhere on the spells page.


Re: Minor Issues and Suggestions

Thank you for the feedback.

You can add Feats to your characters via the Manage Feats button (next to the Class button).
We are re-aranging these features so that feats also has its own tab.
We will check and fix point 2 (HP) and 4, and will add a field for proficiencies.

You can click on the dice buttons next to weapons etc. to roll but indeed, a quick link to the dice roller would be nice as well I guess.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!