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Topic: Assassin Class

Name: Assassin

Type: Base

Hit Die:1d20, 2d20 on Sneak Attack

Requirements: To quilify for this class, a character must fulfill all the folowing criteria:

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class Skills: Climb, Craft, Sneak, Night Vision, Free Run, Snipe, Backstab, Air Assassinate, Haggler, Hide Weapons/Contraband

Proficiencies: The Assassin is proficient with small weapons, such as knives, they also handle ranged weapons such as long and short bows crossbows, and Angelic/Light bows. Can use a long sword if necissary, but prefers to stay out of direct combat.

Background: Hailing from a far Northern country, the Assassin is used to cold and harsh environments. Prepared for almost every situation, the Assassin is a formidible for to almost anyone. With a low magic proficiency, the Assassin cannot use magic items, unless they are Angelic of origin or in the shape of common weapons or items, magic items that do not fit this criteria will have no effect upon use. Training with Monks and combat specialists since a young age, the Assassin is good with almost all forms of melee combat. Having a Ranger as a parental figure gives the Assassin a strong capability to use long range weapons, and is revered as a dead-shot accross the lands.

Reference: Assassin’s Creed Series, Ranger Class, Monk class, Angelic and Light Weapons, Magic.

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