Topic: JSON Specification

Is the JSON specification available somewhere?  I have a huge amount of OGL licensed content (most of the 5e stuff from Kobold Press) that I would like to add, but I want to be able to do it in bulk and have as much info as possible.


Re: JSON Specification

Hi Deuce,

Yes, I have the JSON specification, for all details please send me an email to

Basically the global structure is a json array of json arrays in a specific order that represent:
spells, domains, equipment, feats, races, powers (not used), classes, skills, monsters, deities

so a completely empty file would look like:


Within each array you have a number of json objects that represent the actual content.
Each object has at least a name a reference (text like "PhB")  and a full_text field (html of what is displayed). In addition each specific type of object has a number of other mostly optional fields. Check the output of the content creator for some examples.

It is also handy that you use ids for the content which are much higher than the ones the content creator uses, to avoid overwriting others people content (is not perfectly safe, but you get the idea).

Again please email me for more details and questions.